5 Ways to find a suitable life partner these days

Since childhood we have been told innumerable times by our elders how the world is full of possibilities. All we need to do is to keep our eyes wide open and embrace it when the time comes. Although the marriage market is wide and versatile, but the complications of today’s world creep into it easily. It is not an easy ride to find a suitable life partner who would be with you through thick and thin. However, with the right mindset and love in your heart, the right partner will eventually come along. All you need is patience and the focus to keep looking for “the one”. 

  1. Look for someone you can connect with – It is important to find someone with whom you can talk about anything and share a laugh. Search for someone who shares your passion or has the same hobby. In this way, both of you can do things together without being bored. You can also have a nice long chat about how to pursue your passions or do something interesting together and spend some quality time. This is one of the reasons why best matrimony in India and expert matchmakers like Priya Shah enquire about the client’s interests, likes and dislikes before looking for a suitable partner for them. Or, simply find someone you are comfortable with. Life will not always be a bed of roses and at the end of an exhausting day, you just need someone who would even understand your silence.

  2. Someone from similar standard as yours – It is absolutely normal to want to have a life partner who has similar standard as yours. However, it is also okay to choose someone who has completely different standard than yours as long as you two are compatible with one another. One of the greatest advantages of having someone of a similar standard is – lesser adjustments and compromises. Elite matrimony bureau in fact, offer their clientele proposals from similar backgrounds in order to increase chances of matchmaking. 

  3. Partner with similar interests – Relationship experts and psychologists often recommend finding a partner who shares your interests. Contrary to the old saying – opposites attract, couples with similar likes and dislikes have been known to share a stronger bond. However, it doesn’t mean that your interests should sharply align together. For example – you and your partner can be both avid readers. While you love fiction, the other can be into non-fiction. You can share ideas, concepts, world views, perspectives or theories. This is applicable in a lot of other arenas. Best matrimony services in India make a prior note of their clients’ interests and try to look for someone whose interests align with yours. This way, conversation can flow lucidly and there’s always something to talk about.

  4. Has the willingness to make it work – No matter whether you meet someone online or via an elite matrimony bureau like that of Priya Shah's – the matchmaker, both the parties should show the willingness to make it work. Despite busy lifestyle and long work hours, one should find the time for their partner. Relationships, irrespective of its intimacy, have it’s own set of issues which need to be worked upon and resolved. Both the parties should be willing to put the effort and be emotionally available for one another. 

  5. Establishing ground rules – Once the wooing period is over, disagreements tend be become frequent. Arguments are sometimes unavoidable. It is important to set some ground rules of how to love one another despite the differences in opinions. Empathy and tolerance are the key here. It is not okay to yell at each other over different opinions. Understand that everyone has variety of triggers. Exhibiting kindness is crucial. 

Best matrimony services in India recommend keeping in mind the above points to find a suitable partner for life.